The Reading Accelerator:

Optimize Your Reading

Client Testimonials:

If They Can Do it With a 6-8 Figure Company, So Can You..


CEO And Founder

“…within two short months I’m proud to say that I was able to read 11 books… it’s really changed my life.. I wish I hadn’t waited so long.”


Tech Sales & Consulting

“… right out the gate, I have already made my money back. I know it, and I’m so excited to see what the next four weeks have to bring.”


CEO and founder

 “… he was able to give me tools and strategies like techniques to be able to retain and also be able to apply that info into my life… “


Barbershop Owner and Author

“I went from doing almost 200 words per minute to almost 600 words per minute. I’m reading faster… I’m retaining.. “

What is the reading Accelerator?

The Reading Accelerator is an online 6 week program that challenges you to read 6 books in 6 weeks. With just 10 minutes a day of custom exercises I assign you, you are guaranteed to experience a transformation in under 30 days. After the 6 weeks clients have experienced the habit of reading a book a week is an undying habit that does not leave them.

The Reading Accelerator is the culmination of everything I’ve learned along the way. Painstakingly created over an entire year, this program includes everything you could ever need to speed read. Drawing from my own experience, setbacks, and successes as well as that of past students, we’ve refined the original program, and made it even better. 

I had one purpose in mind when I created The Reading Accelerator. To make the best reading performance solution. We hold you accountable to read more books faster, take action, and retain more information.

What You Need To Succeed:

1. A Proven Plan

2. Accountability

3. Commitment

When You Join The Reading
Accelerator, You Get Full Access To:

1. The Full 6 Week Program (Trained Live)

Six weeks of step-by-step training covering EVERY aspect of reading faster, boosting comprehension, retention, and more. With enough success stories to back it up! Higher reading speed, more motivation, leveling up your memory… this program has everything covered for you…

2. Live Group Coaching and Q&A

Reading alone can be boring… But you’ve never experience reading like this: Every Monday, join a one-hour live call hosted by David, where you’ll be part of a vibrant group of up to 10 high performers. These sessions not only include the programs main curriculum and exercises, but they also foster a sense of community. (As well as a competitive leaderboard.)

3. Exclusive High Performers Community

Don’t overlook this community, most of the action and growth happens here! Connect with other like-minded readers, learn from successful CEOs, VCs, and experts. But don’t be surprised if another student calls you out for not staying on track. Accountability is a big part of consistent reading, and your peers will push you to bring your A-game

4. Workbook and Exercises (PDF)

Students must do at least 10 minutes of exercises per day, and they will be provided live and through a weekly PDF workbook! Active recall is a proven way to improve retention, which is why you’ll also be provided with worksheets to follow along with while in a training call.

The Only High-Performance Reading Solution That Holds
You Accountable

The Only High-Performance Reading Solution That Holds You Accountable

The Proven System

Benefits of Joining:

Benefit 01

Absorb Knowledge Efficiently

No more second guessing if all those hours of reading will go to waste because of forgetting what you read. When I was a slow reader, reading was laborious, tiring, a chore, dreadful, and made me sleepy. Now I seeing reading as my favorite work out. Reading is now exciting, energizing, focused, visual, enjoyable, and empowering.

Benefit 02

Make Confident Decisions

About to start a new marketing campaign? Read the top 10 marketing books, and people will start to take notes while you talk. Reading enhances decision making, thinking and processing speed, and builds a strong pre-frontal cortex; the part of your brain that is the epicenter of decision making. 

Benefit 03

Strengthen Your Leadership Presence

Quoting from books immediately expands your influence and speaking power. They are not longer influenced by your immediate limited personal experiences, but from the centuries of wisdom, principles, and stories you are able to recall instantaneously. Josh read “Crucial Conversations” during the 6 week program, only 2 weeks later he gave a speech in front of 500 people on the book. That’s impact.

Benefit 04

Accelerate Business Growth

Your growth is accelerated with more internal knowledge and less mistakes made. Plain and simple. Having double the reading speed means double the industry knowledge. At a moment’s notice, problems can be solved over the weekend with your ability to speed read 4 books over the weekend.

Program Curriculum

• Breaking Your Limiting Beliefs

• The Benefits of Reading

• Why Reading Faster Is Better


• Left And Right Brain Process

• Word For Word Vs. Phrases

• How We Process Information


• Subvocalization And Eye Movements

• Hand Movements & Tricks

• Visualizing The Ideas


• Unshakeable Reading Focus

• Clean Space And Mind

• Problem Solving


• Remembering The Life-Changing Principles

• The Senses And Our Memory

• Insights And Business Success


• Compounding Reading As Investments

• Growing And Reading Exponentially

• The Sport Of Reading


Ready to Join?

Call or text 512-618-4936 with any questions at a time that works best for you!


"I've always been skeptical about speed reading programs but I was introduced to David through a reliable source in my network and it was the best decision in my life. Not only am I able to read 3-5 books a month but actually enjoy it and retain the information that I am reading."
Business Owner

"In the past six weeks I read six books.. 250 pages to 300 pages and I retained a lot of it. He taught me so many tips and tricks on how to read faster."
Business Owner

"I have doubled my reading speed (from 400 wpm to 800 wpm) but that is honestly the least of the benefits."
Business Owner

"David is an incredible coach, he's extremely patient, he provides information in such a concise way and such an approachable way."
Business Owner